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TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads - 10 Inch Pad

TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads,  Incontinence Product for  Women
Bladder Pad for Women
TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads, Customer Favorite Product / Seller Recommended Product
Recommended Incontinence Pad

TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads Size Chart

SCA-54344-LA144/case, 24/bag$58
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TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads

The TENA intamates ultra thin light long are our suggested replacement for Prevail Bladder Control Pad Light and Prevail Very Light Bladder Control Pad. (FQP-PV-930, FQP-PV-930/1, FQP-PV-926)

TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pad s (formerly Tena Serenity Active Ultra Thin Long) are made for women managing light to moderate urinary incontinence. This product has been rated 5 out of 5 stars and it has been given the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Expert Insights

'This TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long incontinence pad provides women moderate urinary incontinence protection. It is a good alternative to that of the Prevail Pantliner Extra Coverage.'

Features of the TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pad

TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads provide a little extra coverage than that of the TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Light Long Pads and they are just as thin and absorbent with the soft topsheet for comfort and absorbent microbead wicking action. These pads offer superior wetness protection and they are only 1/4' thick. The advanced technology allows this disposable incontinence pad to offer you comfort and freedom of movement without worry of accidental leaks. They are designed to move with you and they attach securely to your own underwear. They are easy to apply and will stay put until you are ready to change them out. They won't slip, bunch up, or cause you any unnecessary embarrassment from wetness and odor.

These ultra thin long pads for urinary incontinence are folded and wrapped individually so you can bring along a supply whenever you need them. Take them to work, to the gym, while on vacation, or for extended trips to keep you dry while you travel. They will protect you from stress incontinence and urge incontinence and the Advanced Odor Control will keep working even after the first hint of wetness. The Dry-Fast Core is gentle and soft and will keep your skin healthy and dry. These bladder control incontinence pads are made from cloth-like outer material and will not cause any unwanted 'plastic' sounds that might draw unwanted attention.

SCA manufactures TENA incontinence products and they are a global company. They conduct business at 30 different facilities in 25 countries and employ thousands of people worldwide. They have won numerous awards for being a sustainable company that produces incontinence products for all ages, sizes, and gender.

Product SKUs: SCA-54344

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TENA Serenity Active Ultra Thin Long Pad / SCA-48200

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