Bed and furniture pads are designed to be used in conjunction with your regular incontinence management to cover surfaces, to help absorb leakage, reduce odors and maintain dryness. These pads are made with leak-proof backings to protect beds and chairs, but with soft, cloth-like coverings to protect the skin. We offer a variety of sizes and absorbencies.

Our Prevail, TENA, and Attends furniture pads for incontinence (also known as disposable chux) are made from breathable fabric so you or your loved one will never feel sticky or uncomfortable while enjoying the added security these products offer. They do not have a plasticky feel and our disposable underpads are made from cloth-like material that won’t bunch, bind, or cause you to perspire when sitting or lying on them.

Prevail offers Super Absorbent and Air Permeable Super Absorbent disposable furniture pads for incontinence in 30x36 and 23x35 for your convenience. You can use them in your car while driving for added comfort and security and they are great for extended trips. They are meant to be used as a part of your routine incontinence management and are suitable for sofas, chairs, beds, or on any surface as needed. The absorbent lining also offers odor control and will quickly wick away moisture from your body so there is no danger of unwanted leaks.

Our TENA Ultra Pads are available in 23x36 and have quilted matting that is soft, silky and quiet. There is no bunching or binding no matter how much you toss and turn, so you or a loved one in your care can enjoy worry-free rest. Sealed edges ensure that leaks will stay put and remain trapped inside the disposable underpad for both day and night use.

We offer several sizes and absorbencies with our line of Attends furniture pads. Attends Tuckable Underpads are ideal for infants, children, and the elderly. They tuck under the mattress for greater control. The Night Preserver disposable chux are made with a non-slip backing and are a good choice for hardwood chairs and bedding.

All of our disposable underpads will add to the quality of your life as well as a loved one's life while managing incontinence. You can also use these versatile underpads in public baby-changing stations to ensure sanitary conditions, use them for puppy potty-training, place them in your car or on furniture after an extensive workout, or in the backseat with children to keep upholstery clean and stain-free.

When you purchase our disposable furniture pads online with us, you can enjoy added savings with each shipment. Be sure to take advantage of our no obligation CareFree Calendar Reminder Service so you can enjoy 5% savings on all future orders.

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