CareFree Calendar® is our free, no obligation reminder service.

It's NOT an auto-ship service, it's better.

We will contact you on whatever day you choose to see if you're ready for your next order. That's it. We want to keep you from ever being without your incontinence supplies, but we know you don't want too much product either.

  • For being on the CareFree Calendar, you will receive a 5% savings off all your future orders!
  • If this is your first order, don't forget to use coupon code FIRST to save 10% right now.
  • Simply choose when you'd like to receive the reminder. Or tell us on the phone when placing your order.
  • We will contact you on the specified day and place your order if you're ready.
  • Or if you know exactly how often you want to re-order, we can set up an auto-ship and simply place your order on the specified day.
  • There is no obligation to continue this service and your reminder schedule can be updated at any time.
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