Men's pull-on protective underwear gives you the freedom to stay active without worrying about leaks and odor. They are designed to be worn in place of your regular underwear and are offered in disposable briefs and boxers. At LiveAnew®, we offer pull-on underwear for men in absorbencies from moderate to maximum overnight protection.

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Why Should You Wear Incontinence Underwear?

  • If you want a slim, discreet solution to urinary or light fecal incontinence
  • If you are looking for a solution that allows you to remain active
  • If you want a comfortable option to keep your skin healthy

At LiveAnew we offer a wide array of brand to choose from such as Depend, Prevail, Attends, Tranquility, LiveAnew and TENA. They all offer a superior body-close fits for a slim silhouette without bulk, and they are made from soft, cottony material that won't rustle when you move. Our incontinence briefs and boxers for men are strong, durable, and highly absorbent. They are designed to be worn with work clothes, suits, gym clothes, or shorts.

What Brand of Pull-On Protective Underwear Should I Wear?

  • Seni

Seni offers a wide range of products that allow users to remain active, thanks to the super soft material and flexible design.

  • LiveAnew

LiveAnew MaxPlus Pull-On underwear is extremely absorbent, with five different sizes to ensure a great fit. You will feel comfortable and confident in this underwear thanks to the tall leg cuffs to provide you with complete leak protection and comfort.

  • Abena

Abena protective underwear is known for its intelligent and comfortable design and superior material quality, making it one of the best fits possible.

  • Tranquility

Tranquility offers daytime and overnight products so that you can be confident in the coverage your protective underwear provides.

  • Prevail

Prevail incontinence underwear is perfect for men who experience heavy urinary incontinence, as it can hold up to two entire bladder losses, while remaining discreet and extremely comfortable.

  • Depend

Depend has a been a leader in male incontinence products for many year and continues to deliver effective and comfortable solutions to incontinence.

Here at LiveAnew we understand that it can be a daunting task to find the best Pull-On Incontinence Underwear product, so do not hesitate to call our wonderful support team here (1-800-411-3008) or go to our best fit page and follow the prompts on the left to find your perfect fit.

LiveAnew cares, offering free shipping on all orders over 40 dollars, and shipping your incontinence products in discreet packages so your privacy is protected at all times.

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