The LiveAnew® Story

In 2009, the CEO and Co-Founder of LiveAnew took on the loving task of caring of an ailing family member. In this caregiver role, the difficulty in managing incontinence quickly became apparent. This sparked the concept for LiveAnew, that individuals and caregivers deserve an easier way to find the perfect incontinence product. So, he found two partners with decades of medical supply and technology experience, and launched

Many people who experience incontinence are nervous to participate in their normal daily activities due to fear or embarrassment. We believe that all people deserve to enjoy their favorite activities such as visiting friends, going out to dinner, or attending church. LiveAnew is here, with the sole purpose of making life better for those affected by adult incontinence.

We know how confusing figuring out incontinence products can be. The sheer number of different types and styles of products is overwhelming! Even if you determine the right style of product, you still need to choose the correct size and level of absorption protection! We have found over 30 different terms for absorption levels including the number of ounces and milliliters! Who knows how many milliliters of absorption we need? For that matter, who even knows how much is a milliliter? LiveAnew is here to simplify it all!

We are a Better Business Bureau accredited company that is enthusiastic in helping people to LiveAnew. It is a place where incontinence information, product selection, and customer care are done solely with you in mind. Each person on our Customer Care team was selected because of their desire to help people in addition to their background in caring for seniors or their own parents. We have created BestFit to recommend the best products that are specific to your needs. The CareFree Calendar® is our free and easy to use reminder service that ensures you will always have your products. You also get free shipping and save an additional 5% when you participate in this service.

Thank you for joining us. Please let us know how we can best help you.

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