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TENA Intimates Overnight Pads - 16 x 6 Inch Pad

TENA Intimates Overnight Pads,  Incontinence Product for  Women
Bladder Pad for Women
TENA Intimates Overnight Pads - Overnight Incontinence Protection
Overnight Incontinence Pad
TENA Intimates Overnight Pads, Customer Favorite Product / Seller Recommended Product
Recommended Bladder Pad

TENA Intimates Overnight Pads Size Chart

SCA-54282-LA84/case, 28/bag$71
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TENA Intimates Overnight Pads

TENA Intimates Overnight Pads may be worn by men and women who are experiencing heavy bladder and or light bowel incontinence. These pads have been given the Good Housekeeping Seal and they are a good buy from your local market place and online. They rate 4 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction.

Expert Insights

'TENA Intimates Overnight Pads are recommended for men and women who prefer an adhesive personal care pad that fits into his or her own underwear for heavy overnight bladder and or light bowel incontinence.'

Features of the TENA Intimates Overnight Pads

The TENA Intimates Overnight Pads are ideal if you want to sleep uninterrupted all night with the peace of mind that you can. This pad is wider and longer, and has super absorbent microbeads that will hold all wetness away from your skin while it stays locked deep inside the double pulp lining. Fortified odor guard will work even after wetness to keep you fresh and comfortable. This overnight incontinence pad will give you the fearless protection you need to enjoy your much needed rest. It's strong enough for overnight protection, and certainly strong enough to handle anything you need to accomplish during the day.

The outer cloth like fabric is quiet and discreet. Soft, comfortable and highly efficient side gathers ensure no matter how much you toss and turn during the night, or twist and turn during the day that 'nothing's missed' when you wear this protective personal care pad by TENA. The pad is individually wrapped and easily stowed in your briefcase, suit case or overnight bag. It is made with a firm-gripping adhesive strip that applies inside your own underwear for added ease of use. If you have wanted to take a bus tour across country, you can go and enjoy the ride during the day, and especially overnight without worry. You will be completely covered and confident with this superior overnight incontinence protection.

TENA personal care products are manufactured at 30 facilities in 25 countries by SCA. SCA is a global manufacturing company that has earned numerous awards in their green manufacturing for their sustainable production of forest products, paper tissue, and personal skin care hygiene products.

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