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Poise Liners Long - 8.5 Inch Pad

Poise Liners Long Size Chart

KIM-19308-LA192/case, 24/bag$52
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Poise Liners Long

Poise Liners-Long are designed for women. This is a good choice if you are managing very light bladder leakage (LBL) and in need of light wetness protection. The Poise Long Liner rates 5 out of 5 stars in overall customer satisfaction and you can buy this product online and in stores at a great price.

Expert Insights

'Poise Liners Long are made to be worn by women who need a little extra coverage for very light bladder protection.'

Features of the Poise Liners Long

This Poise Pantiliner in Long is designed specifically for LBL. It is made to be three times stronger than regular period liners and pads due to the technological advances in the highly absorbent materials. Period pads are not designed to provide the same protection that this light urinary liner offers. These long pantiliners have an AbsorbLoc Core that instantly absorbs and locks away liquid so your skin will stay drier. If you find you are experiencing a few drops each time you sneeze, laugh, exercise, or upon standing, this light urinary incontinence liner is for you. It has also has odor protection that will neutralize odors from wetness and will keep you feeling fresh and clean all day. The pantiliners are individually wrapped and can be discreetly taken with you to work, school, workout sessions or while traveling. They are easily portable and can be taken with you in your purse, pocket, handbag, or overnight bag.

Each urinary incontinence liner has a strong adhesive strip that will adhere inside your own underwear and will provide a snug fit for extra protection. The liner is slightly raised in the middle to provide you the best protection possible. The fabric is cottony soft and not stiff or abrasive. There are no lotions, fragrances or latex present to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. You can wear this protective pantiliner for LBL with the knowledge that it will protect you all day while providing freshness, and worry-free protection.

Kimberly Clark was founded over 150 years ago in the USA. K-C manufactures Poise incontinence products that are sold in over 175 countries worldwide. K-C is an environmentally conscious organization that promotes sustainability and green practices in all their manufacturing locations around the world.

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