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Prevail Extra Underwear

Prevail Extra Underwear ,  Incontinence Product for  Women and Men
Protective Underwear for Women and Men
Prevail Extra Underwear , available in extra-large xl and plus sizes
Available in Plus Sizes
Prevail Extra Underwear , Customer Favorite Product / Seller Recommended Product
Recommended Pull-up

Prevail Extra Underwear Size Chart

20-34 inch waists88/case, 22/bag$64
34-46 inch waists80/case, 20/bag$64
44-58 inch waists72/case, 18/bag$64
58-68 inch waists56/case, 14/bag$64
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Prevail Extra Underwear

The Prevail Extra Underwear is our recommended replacement for the Nu Fit Pull on Underwear, (FQP-NU-512,FQP-NU-513, FQP-NU-514).

Prevail Extra Underwear is available for adult men and women managing stress incontinence and urge incontinence and is best for moderate incontinence protection. This pull-on protective underwear is designed to be worn in place of your regular underwear. This product has an excellent rating of 5 stars out of 5 and is available at a great price for Prevail incontinence products.

Expert Insights

'This product is best suited for men and women who experience light to moderate incontinence and stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Prevail Extra Underwear is a great alternative to that of TENA Extra Absorbency, Attends Pull-On, and Medline Pro Plus.'

Features of the Prevail Extra Underwear

Prevail Extra Underwear offers you soft, discreet coverage for day and night use. Your skin will stay dry and comfortable with this protective underwear. Each pair is designed with Skin Smart technology, and offers soothing aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E for skin wellness. Prevail products do not contain latex, so there is never any danger of skin irritation or rashes.

As with all Prevail incontinence products, this highly absorbent pull-on underwear was designed with your comfort in mind. The cloth-like outer fabric is a 'rustle-free' zone, and will offer quiet coverage and security while you go about your normal routine each day. The Advanced Zoning System, Quick Wick, Target Acquisition Zone, and Blue Stay-Dry Strip provide you with superior wetness protection. The Odor Guard technology will ensure you will stay fresh throughout the day.

Prevail incontinence products are manufactured in the USA by First Quality. They are the most trusted name brand in the US and the number one choice of healthcare providers and caregivers in the nation. First Quality is constantly seeking new technology that will allow them to provide you with the best incontinence product available.

This product is best for light to moderate incontinence protection, and can be worn by youth and thin men and women.

Product SKUs: FQP-PV-511, FQP-PV-512, FQP-PV-513, FQP-PV-514

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