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Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads - 16 Inch Pad

Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads,  Incontinence Product for  Women
Bladder Pad for Women
Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads - Overnight Incontinence Protection
Overnight Incontinence Pad
Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads, Customer Favorite Product / Seller Recommended Product
Recommended Bladder Pad

Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads Size Chart

FQP-PV-923-LA132/case, 33/bag$62
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Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads

Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads are made for women managing full bladder loss. These highly absorbent urinary incontinence pads provide strong protection for heavy urinary incontinence. They are typically worn just before moving up to Prevail's pull-on protective underwear. These full-coverage pads receive the highest customer rating of 5 stars and are offered at Prevail's affordable price.

Expert Insights

'This Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pad is designed for women who experience stress incontinence and urge incontinence due to full bladder loss. Recommended alternative products include Poise Ultimate Coverage Pads 16' L and Serenity Ultimate Pads.'

Features of the Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads

Prevail Ultimate Bladder Control Pads for women are designed to be worn in your own underwear. They have a full adhesive strip that anchors securely to your undergarment and will provide dependable protection while you proceed with normal, everyday activities. The Odor Guard protection that these ultimate bladder control pads offer will ensure you stay confident in all you do. Each pad is individually wrapped and can be carried with you in your purse or carryall for use whenever you need them. You will never need to worry about discarding the pads in confined areas or close quarters. The Odor Guard protection in Prevail's urinary incontinence pads will continue to work even after you discard them.

These ultimate bladder control pads are curved and shaped to conform to your natural body shape, no matter what size you are. They are discreet and quiet and comfortable. The outer cloth-like fabric ensures quiet comfort all day and all night. Each incontinence pad features a Target Acquisition Zone and Blue Stay-Dry Strip where heavy liquid is quickly routed away from your skin, leaving you dry and odor-free. There is never any worry of embarrassing leaks with this highly efficient bladder control pad.

Prevail incontinence products and supplies are manufactured in the US by First Quality. They are foremost in innovative technology and have ahead-of-the-curve insight when it comes to consumers needs. Prevail incontinence products are lighter, thinner, discreet and more absorbent, and will provide those managing incontinence a better quality of life.

These ultimate bladder control pads are recommended for full bladder loss. They provide ultimate protection for heavy incontinence during the day and overnight.

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