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Prevail Underwear for Men

Prevail Underwear for Men ,  Incontinence Product for  Men
Protective Underwear for Men
Prevail Underwear for Men , available in extra-large xl and plus sizes
Available in Plus Sizes
Prevail Underwear for Men , Customer Favorite Product / Seller Recommended Product
Recommended Pull-up

Prevail Underwear for Men Size Chart

28-40 inch waists72/case, 18/bag$69
38-64 inch waists64/case, 16/bag$69
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Prevail Underwear for Men

Prevail Underwear for Men are designed exclusively for men. This pull-on disposable underwear for men is best for full bladder loss, heavy incontinence and overnight use. Customers have given this product the highest rating of 5 stars. Prevail offers this outstanding incontinence product at a price everyone can afford.

Expert Insights

'This Prevail Underwear for Men are designed to be worn by men experiencing heavy incontinence, full bladder loss, and need maximum/overnight absorbency. The Prevail Underwear for Men is a great alternative to that of TENA Men's Protective Underwear, Depend Real Fit for Men, Prevail Extra Underwear, and Prevail Boxers for Men.'

Features of the Prevail Underwear for Men

Prevail Underwear for Men have a ventilated waist band that won't roll or cause discomfort. The Specialized Absorbent Core offers Odor Guard properties and concentrated protection from wetness and odor where men need it most. You will appreciate the soft, cloth-like fabric of this pull-on underwear. It's designed to be discreet while providing you superior fit and protection. There is more room in the form fitting leg openings which feels and looks like regular underwear. The leg gatherings are designed to look masculine while providing you leakage control protection and containment.

The extended use you will receive from this protective underwear is due to the Quick Wick properties and Blue Stay-Dry Strip that work together to quickly move liquid away from your skin and prevent it from causing irritation. Skin Soft Fabric promotes skin wellness and will keep you dry and confident enough to wear your favorite clothing while working, doing handy-man chores around the house, or performing routine daily activities. There is no reason not to use this invaluable incontinence product for men because it gives you the confidence and trust you can expect from Prevail.

First Quality is the number one manufacturer of adult incontinence products in the U.S. First Quality manufactures all Prevail products in the USA which serves to keep local communities productive and economically sound, while providing a broad outreach to surrounding areas. They are trusted over any other brand in the nation by healthcare professionals.

Underwear for Men by Prevail is designed specifically for men and is best for heavy incontinence, full bladder loss, and maximum absorbency for daytime and overnight use.

Product SKUs: FQP-PUM-512, FQP-PUM-513/1
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