Where to Find Information and Support for Incontinence

Where to Find Information and Support for Incontinence

With all the different types of incontinence and related products available today, it is hard to know where to find useful and educational information on these subjects. Your doctor is going to be one of your best assets in determining if you have incontinence and he or she can also determine which type you have, or if there may be an underlying medical condition causing it.

Once your doctor has diagnosed you, you will most likely want to reach out and do your own research on the subject on the Internet. You will find that first of all, you are not alone. There are millions of others just like you managing bladder control and they are not letting it control their lives. There are discreet incontinence products available for women and for men these days that are designed to meet all types and levels of incontinence and they will supply every type of absorbent pad or pull-on underwear needed for both day and night protection.

Here at LiveAnew we have a personal connection with incontinence and we take the subject very seriously. Because of this, we have dedicated an educational section that was designed especially for our customers and for caregivers that will help you to explore, understand, manage, cope and treat bladder control problems. Our team of Care Specialists has been chosen specifically for their hands-on experience as caregivers and they have first hand experience in how to manage incontinence and proper skin care. They will offer information and support whenever you need it. You can reach them at 1-800-411-3008.

We provide information regarding which type product will work for you and we also offer over 250 name brand products to keep you feeling fresh and confident. Although we have dedicated a lot of time and effort on our site to help you narrow down just the right product by answering a few easy questions, we also want you to walk away with information that will empower you to live your life to its fullest.

There are other useful sites that can you visit that your doctor may have discussed with you: The National Association for Incontinence (NAFC) offers help and advice as well as the Simon Foundation.

Incontinence products can be very confusing at first. Understanding the styles, types, brands and what is right for your unique needs. At LiveAnew we are here to help with our Care Specialists.

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