What's Best for Fecal Incontinence?

If you are managing fecal incontinence, you are not alone: it is estimated that approximately 18 million people in the U.S. are in the same boat. But the truth of the matter is that while it is difficult to talk about incontinence for some, fecal incontinence is one subject many find the most difficult to discuss. But don’t let this stop you from living a normal life because it’s not the end as you know it. Whether this is a temporary situation or a permanent one, there is definitely help.

Incontinence products have come such a long way, and there are wonderful products for fecal incontinence that can help you to manage without being embarrassed to leave your house. This should not be something that will hold you back from enjoying your life and the products available today can substantially help. They are made from soft, flexible cottony materials unlike stiff and heavy plastic adult diapers of the past. Today’s incontinence products have breathable zones to keep you cool and comfortable while promoting healthy, drier skin and the adult briefs have strong fastening, re-sealable tabs that you can cinch up for a great secure fit.

The key to success in finding just the right brief, pad or pull-on underwear is making sure you have the proper fit. Make sure the product works well for bladder control, too and that it offers the right absorbency. Look for products that offer discreet odor control and anti-leak leg elastics and a flexible, body hugging waist band without gaps. Be sure to change your disposable product as soon as possible upon becoming soiled for the best protection, but if you know you will be away from restroom facilities for an extended length of time, use an additional absorbent pad inside your protective undergarment to boost your protection level.

Safeguard yourself from irritated or broken skin by using a barrier protection ointment that will also serve to prevent bacteria from spreading. Skin care products like protective ointments work synergistically with all disposable products in keeping skin drier, more comfortable and they help to create a safety barrier against bacterial growth. Carry along wet wipes and extra products when traveling to be prepared for what the day may bring. If you take time to prepare for your day or night by having the right products on hand at all times, you are going to be able to live a more normal life without worry or hesitation to continue doing things you have always loved doing.

Our recommendations for Fecal Incontinence products:

Pull-on Underwear:
Attends Super Plus Underwear

Seni Active Super Plus Underwear

Tabbed Briefs:
Super Seni Plus Brief

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