Tips on How to Choose the Best Adult Diaper or Incontinence Products for the Elderly

Trying to find the right type incontinence products for an elderly parent isn’t as difficult at it seems. There are a number of factors that should be considered when purchasing bladder control products that will work best for women or for men, and a good start is to ask for samples or talk to a knowledgeable customer care advisor who can guide you in the right direction.

  1. Active Parent: If your parent still drives, engages in lively social activities, likes to take walks or exercise, and is still relatively independent, there are a number of products he or she can enjoy to keep them dry, fresh and leak-free. Incontinence Options for Active Seniors Take into account the level of incontinence your parent is managing and begin from there. An adhesive pad (for men or women) that fits into their regular underwear might be a good choice during the day, or absorbent pull-on underwear could fit the bill for overnight use. There are pads and pull-on products that offer all levels of absorbency and protection from leaks and odor and different types of incontinence.
  2. Bedridden Parent: If your parent is bound to a wheelchair or is bedridden most of the time, an adult diaper might work best in their situation. This type product generally provides moderate to maximum daytime and overnight protection. Most of these disposable briefs have standing leg guards to protect from leaks and re-fastening tape tabs, can be changed without removing clothing, and offer odor control and a secure fit. If your parent sleeps for long hours at a time adding a booster pad to the product for overnight use or extended day wear will up the absorbency level and keep them dry and comfortable.
  3. Inactive or Sedentary Parent: If your parent is able to use a walker, or can manage the bathroom on their own, Incontinence Options for Inactive Seniors a pull-on underwear (for women or men) or pad can be easily managed for them. These products are capable of providing protection for just a few drops or more than one bladder loses. They are easy to use and can be changed with very little effort from your mom or dad. There are also bariatric briefs that can accommodate up to a 95” waist that have strong, re-fastening tabs and are made from soft, quiet materials.

Any of these products can be purchased online for convenience and discretion. Your mom or dad won’t have to worry about running out of their favorite product ever again, and they won’t have to worry about the embarrassment they may feel by purchasing these items at the store. Have them delivered to their door in discreet, unmarked packaging as often as needed.

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