Technology for Better Absorption

Technology for Better Absorption

As everything in life progresses and becomes new and improved, incontinence products have gotten to the point of being better than ever when it comes to preventing leaks and unwanted accidents. The adult diaper has come a long way with better absorption and fit and pull-on underwear is now so discreet and soft that you will feel like you are wearing regular underwear only with super absorbent features and odor control built into the fabric.

The incontinence pad has been perfected to provide leak protection for men exactly where they need it, as well as for women because they are specifically designed to be anatomically correct. Although these products are designed to provide a perfect fit for your body, there are also unisex pads and disposable underwear that are designed to be worn by both men and women.

There are many different products for you to choose from and it's important that you find the correct size, length, and absorbency in order to prevent leaks. First Quality Enterprises, Inc. in South Carolina manufactures Prevail incontinence products. These products offer Targeted Absorbency Zones with a thinner dual layer absorbency core so the products are less bulky yet more absorbent.

They also have a Quick Wick Layer that immediately pulls moisture away from your skin and the Soft Side Shields in the pads prevent leaks from ever happening. All Prevail products offer Odor Guard Technology that neutralizes odor before, during, and after becoming soiled. This is especially important for extended or overnight use. Skin Smart Fabric has soothing aloe to keep skin comfortable and moist without being wet and damp all the time. The Prevail technology is designed to be thinner, absorb more, provides odor control and works to promote skin wellness.

To further prevent unwanted leaks if you are managing heavy bladder loss, Booster Pads are an excellent way to “boost” your product's level of absorbency. You can place them inside the disposable garment by using one or even stacking 3 or 4 at a time. They are breathable and pull moisture away from your skin in order to help keep it dry and healthy.

Booster pads are a perfect addition to disposable products and can be used overnight or for extended travel. Jury duty, business meetings, bus tours, boating—these would all be examples of when to use a booster pad; however, a booster pad should never be used with a washable incontinence product as the washable products do not provide enough absorbency and a pad should be used instead.

The best way to prevent leaks from happening is to plan ahead. Be sure to have extra incontinence products handy at all times. Look for products that provide the correct absorbency that you need, and maybe up that level to be on the safe side if you will be away from the bathroom for extended periods of time. Place an extra pad or use booster pads inside your disposable underwear. Be sure the product fits properly and offers leak guards at the legs, around the waist and sides. By doing your research and using the right products, you will always be able to approach each day with confidence and less worry.

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