Successful Tips for Traveling with Bladder Issues and Incontinence

Bladder issues should never control your life, especially when it comes to travel. There are so many great incontinence products available online and in stores today that there is something for everyone, so there is no excuse! If you plan your trip in advance and prepare for what might happen, then you will be ready to have a more successful trip and a wonderful time visiting with friends and family.

  1. If you are traveling by car, Google the rest stops along the way, and calculate how much time may be involved between stops. But keep in mind, there will also be gas stations, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores along the way as well, so there will be plenty of opportunity to stop; most GPS apps will have this information available.
  2. Plan to stop at least every two hours to get out and stretch your legs and to make that pit stop in order to avoid leaks or accidents. It would also be a good idea to place a furniture pad on the seat in the car, just in case. Be sure to pack extra clothing, bladder control products, and skin care products that will allow you to freshen up while changing your pull-on underwear or pad. Bring plastic bags to discard soiled items. These can be plastic grocery bags, personal disposable bags, or even large baggies will work.
  3. If you are providing travel for an elderly loved one managing incontinence, make sure you have the appropriate incontinence products for men or for women and that they have all of the items listed in Tip Number 2 above. Be sure to bring their medications, a phone list of doctors, a list of all their medications, a driver’s license for identity purposes, and their insurance cards. Pack some high protein snacks and bottled water to ward off hunger and dehydration, and supply them with a throw cover and a pillow to keep them warm and comfortable during long trips. Make sure they take a break every two hours as well to stretch their legs, and go to the bathroom.
  4. If you or an elderly parent is traveling by plane, be sure to pack all items as listed above in Tip Number 2 and Tip Number 3 in a carry-on bag so they won’t get lost during the flight. Try not to drink any caffeinated or carbonated drinks before the trip, and empty your bladder before the plane takes off. Sitting in a cramped position with a tight seat belt can put extra stress on your bladder and can cause the urge to “go” more often. Just to be on the safe side and to plan ahead, opt for a discreet pull-on underwear with the addition of an absorbent pad because you never know if there might be a delay getting off the plane or in the case there is limited access to the bathroom on board. It may also be a good idea to take the flight attendant aside and let them know that you or your loved one has urinary incontinence.

You will never have to avoid taking a trip by car, plane or boat as long as you are prepared and have taken time to plan out your trip. Pack all items you need ahead of time, have them handy and easily accessible, take a bathroom break every two hours, and just enjoy the ride.

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