Successful Skin Care Tips for Someone with Incontinence

Wearing the right size and type of incontinence products can make your life so much better—and easier. This allows you to enjoy your life again without fear of embarrassing leaks, odors, or unwanted accidents. Taking care of your skin is equally important. Although bladder control products have the technology to keep your skin dry and comfortable, using the proper cleaning products for incontinence between changes ensures your skin will remain healthy and protected.

Fungal, yeast, and urinary tract infections will occur more often if you or a loved one has to wear an adult diaper or disposable brief for extended periods of time. If this is the case, before going to bed at night make sure the private areas are clean and dry. This is especially important if you notice tears or cracks in the skin because it should be cleaned and moisturized more often. Follow up after cleansing with a protective ointment with soothing aloe. This will help to allow the skin to heal and will keep it safe from urine or fecal bacteria that can cause infections.

If skin feels hot or itches or has a rash, using a protective antifungal cream will add soothing relief overnight and during the day. It is best to use these protective creams when you first notice any irritation so the situation won’t get any worse, and can heal much faster. These creams are discreet and don’t have any scent or perfumes so they won’t burn or sting or cause further irritation.

To save time, avoid accidents and for convenience, it’s a good idea to make up a bag of products to have at the bedside, in your purse or backpack or briefcase for traveling, or in the bathroom where they will always be handy. Some helpful items to pack in each bag would include protective ointments, disposable gloves, no-rinse cleanser, disposable washcloths, wet wipes, an extra pad or pull-on underwear for men or for women, and a bag to dispose of used products.

If you follow these success tips and use skin care products for incontinence that are specially designed for specific problems, you are on your way to keeping skin clean, moisturized, germ-free, healthy, and comfortable.

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