Incontinence Bedding Protection

A good night’s sleep is what we all need and deserve in order to be at our level best come morning. When you are managing incontinence, however, sleep can sometimes be interrupted by accidents or leaks that occur in the middle of the night, or even during the day when you are trying to get in a much-needed nap. Bedding protection can help tremendously in this area and it goes hand-in-hand with incontinence products as it gives you an added layer of comfort and protection.

Whether you or a loved one is managing bladder control issues, you can bet that if you wish there was a product available to help you manage your condition better, then there most likely is something available. A fitted style mattress cover is easier to remove in a pinch, but you can also find a zip-up mattress cover as well. These waterproof mattress covers come in all sizes. You place them on the mattress and then proceed with the fitted sheet and top sheet. A furniture pad placed on top of the fitted sheet on the bed will help prevent stripping the sheets in the middle of the night and having to remake the entire bed when accidents happen.

Furniture pads also come in a variety of sizes, and some are tuckable to make life even easier. You can purchase either washable or disposable underpads for greater convenience. Any of these will work for men or for women in conjunction with an absorbent adult diaper or pull-on underwear overnight. Mattress pads and covers are now even more discreet just as bladder control products are so they don’t cause embarrassing noises when company comes to visit. No one has to know if you don’t want them to.

Protective undergarments and waterproof padding are being manufactured today to allow for greater comfort and breathability. Your skin will stay drier and cooler when you use them and they won’t stick to you or make you feel uncomfortable. Some bedding protection products even have odor control built in as with incontinence products to prevent odors from the first sign of wetness.

It’s easy to stay dry and comfortable when you use protective bedding products along with your disposable undergarments. The combination helps to cut down on interrupted sleep due to pajama and sheet changes overnight. This allows you to get the rest you need to enjoy the rising sun that brings the promise of another beautiful, carefree day.

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