How to Prevent Leaks

How to Prevent Leaks

When it comes to successfully managing leaks or accidents from happening while you are wearing a pull-on underwear or adult diaper, size really does matter. If you are wearing incontinence products that are too tight, there won’t be anywhere for leaks to go except up and out. The same goes for a product that is too large where gaps can occur around leg openings where most leaks occur. That is why the proper size and the proper type bladder control product are very important.

An adult diaper, or brief, will provide an adjustable fit because of the refasten-able tape tabs they are equipped with. They also have standing leg guards to prevent leaks. Although this product still needs to be measured for proper fit, the tape tabs can be a plus when trying to cinch up a secure fit around the hips and waist.

Disposable underwear or pull-on also has standing leg guards or comfortable leg elastics and an elastic waistband to keep them snug against your body to prevent leaks from happening. They look and feel more like conventional underwear and are easy to wear during the day and night.

When first choosing either of these products you might need to ask for samples and try a few of them to find your comfort and absorbency level. All incontinence products for men and for women are labeled with a “waterdrop” to indicate absorbency levels. This is true of briefs, pull-on, and pads. After you or a caregiver has measured you for proper size, you can now determine which absorbency level you will need: beginning with 1 water drop for very light bladder loss to 5 water drops for heavy urine and/or fecal loss. Try our BestFit service.

When choosing an absorbent pad, keep in mind that the longer the pad, the more absorbent. Longer pads are also a great choice for taller or larger size individuals, and for men. Also, look for pads that are designed for men or for women to ensure you will have the proper absorbency where it is needed most. These products are discreet and very comfortable and will adhere to your own underwear. Most of them have soft elastic leg gathers that fit snugly against your legs to prevent leaks.

If you have heavy incontinence and will be traveling, sleeping, or in a position where you can’t change your product for long lengths at a time, try adding an absorbent pad inside your pull-on or adult brief for extra coverage. A good booster pad will help get you through the night or a long plane trip as well.

You will experience fewer leaks and embarrassing accidents by purchasing the right size product, the correct level of absorbency, and by changing your disposable product as soon as it becomes soiled. If this is not something that is immediately possible for you, try the disposable underwear with a pad or booster pad. You can also purchase a washable undergarment for incontinence, but keep in mind if you have a heavy urinary loss you will need to fortify this with an additional product such as a pad or male guard.

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