How to Get my Parent to Wear a Diaper

3 Helpful Tips on Getting Your Parent to Wear an Adult Diaper

Fact: More baby boomers are taking in their parents these days and are becoming caregivers to them. Elderly parents are living longer, they are healthier, and most still continue to live productive lives. How to Get my Parent to Wear a DiaperBut once a parent moves in with you, you might notice they are having an incontinence problem that they never addressed with you before. How do you go about getting your mother or father to wear incontinence products?

  1. First of all, don't call it a diaper. Your parent is an adult and therefore should be treated as an adult. Try to keep in mind that they have their dignity, and believe it or not, discussing the subject of pull-on underwear or a bladder control pad with them is embarrassing for most parents. The older the parent, the more embarrassing it may be for them. Try to point out they are not alone and that approximately 13 million people in the U.S. are managing some level of incontinence.
  2. Switch up the Dialog. Try to approach the subject of pull-on underwear for women with your mom. There is also pull-on underwear for men that you can discuss with your dad. Visit a reputable online site and ask for samples that you can have available during your discussion and have a "show-and-tell" session with them. If your parent is dealing with only minor bladder control issues, there are numerous pads for women and men that are discreet and can be worn with any type clothing. Once your parent sees how comfortable, light, and effective these products are, they will be more inclined to use them.
  3. Offer to take them to a doctor to discuss management of their condition. Finding the courage a parent needs sometimes involves the encouragement of a family member or friend. Now that your parent knows that you are aware of his or her condition, it should bring a lot of relief. There are also new medications for bladder control management that can be used in conjunction with incontinence products. For a parent to know they are no longer alone in this situation is sometimes all it takes for that added boost of confidence needed to get back into enjoying a better life once again.
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