Best Products for Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence can happen to any of us, at any time. It is not necessarily something that happens with age, but can happen during or after pregnancy, if you are carrying too much weight, when you have a cold or flu, when you begin a strenuous exercise program, or when a sudden onset medical condition occurs. Any of these can cause stress incontinence and it can range from a few drops to maybe even a gush at one time.

Lifting heavy weights, sneezing, coughing, being overweight or carrying extra weight while pregnant can place extra stress on your bladder. Medical conditions like urinary tract infection for women or prostate inflammation for men can also trigger stress incontinence. There are numerous products available for bladder control from adult diapers to pull-on underwear, to male shields and guards; however, wearing the right pad is an excellent way to manage stress incontinence.

Tena for Men is an absorbent pad for light stress incontinence and can be worn inside your own underwear. The product has a strong adhesive strip that adheres best to briefs in instead of boxers. It is discreet and made from soft, quiet cotton-like material so it does not draw unwanted attention when you move around. It has fast-wicking microbeads infused within the pad to immediately trap and disperse wetness and odor away from your skin.

Prevail Very Light Bladder Control Pads are excellent for women managing light bladder loss of only a few drops. The pads are light, breathable, individually wrapped so you can carry extras along with you, and they are not bulky which makes them a great choice for everyday use or whenever you feel you will need added protection.

Prevail Pant Liners can be worn by both men and women in need of maximum/overnight protection. Soft leg gathers and breathable materials make this disposable bladder control pad the perfect choice for daytime or nighttime use and the pad is very easy to change. The strong adhesive adheres to your own underwear and will conform to the natural shape of your body for greater leak protection where and when you need it most.

Depending on your own set of circumstances, it pays to shop around for the best incontinence pads for your situation. These disposable products are designed to keep you feeling clean and dry all day and all night, are easy to carry along with you, are easily applied and discarded, are highly absorbent yet surprisingly not bulky, and will allow you to conduct your everyday business routine with dignity and confidence.

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