Bariatric and Plus Size Options Incontinence Briefs

A bariatric Brief is designed for larger individuals in need of extra absorbency and coverage. The fabric is stronger, yet breathable and flexible with re-fastenable tabs and anti-leak generous leg openings and elastics. This product is made to help manage fecal incontinence and provides greater bladder control qualities.

The Prevail Bariatric Brief will fit up to a 94” waist and is made for those who are active or for those who ambulate in a wheelchair. It is also made to fit both the male and female anatomy. The fabric is soft and pliable and moves with you without ever bunching up. This is especially important if you are going to be sitting for a while or lying in bed overnight. Because it is so highly absorbent, it will prevent skin irritation, but an important part of keeping skin fresh and dry is to ensure incontinence products are changed as soon as they become soiled. Although the highly absorbent materials work to wick away odor and wetness and can withstand multiple wettings, it is always best to change the product as often as possible.

Another highly rated product for women or for men is the TENA Bariatric Brief that will fit up to a size 95” waist. The product is soft, discreet, and highly absorbent, and can withstand multiple bladder losses. It can be applied or removed without removing clothing and this comes in handy in the middle of the night as it makes changes much more convenient. This bariatric brief will give you greater protection overnight so you can get a good night’s sleep without unwanted interruptions. TENA also offers an overnight pad that can accommodate one full bladder loss.

If you are facing Gastric Bypass surgery, a bariatric brief will be of great benefit for post Gastric Bypass surgery. Bowel upsets are common with this type of surgery and this side effect can be temporary, indefinite, or may become a permanent part of your life. These protective undergarments will become indispensable to you, and they can eventually be replaced by using a highly absorbent daytime or overnight pad or pull-on underwear as you lose weight.

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