Adult Diapers Versus Pull-up Underwear

When the subject of incontinence products comes up, some people are confused by the terms “adult diaper” and “pull-up underwear.” They are not the same; in fact, they are very different from one another.

Adult diapers are not gender-specific and they range in size from small up to bariatric sizes. They are also referred to as “adult briefs.” If you or a loved one leads a fairly inactive life where you are wheelchair-bound or bedridden, this is the right product for you. It’s ideal for all types of bladder control and fecal incontinence, whether temporary or permanent which makes it an excellent go-to product after surgery or during an illness.

Disposable briefs are made from super absorbent materials on the inside and are made to quickly wick wetness away from you where it is dispersed and locked deep within the many layers of padding. The products have elastic leg openings to prevent leaks and soft flexible material around the waistband that moves with you without restriction. Refastenable tabs make it convenient to check for wetness and to change without removing shoes or clothing. This is especially important if you or a loved one is unable to stand or change them on your own.

Because diapers for adults are generally more absorbent, some can handle numerous voids while keeping you dry, and this is beneficial if you are unable to change them overnight, during long trips, outdoor activities, or where there is limited access to a bathroom. NASA created their own brand of Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs) for their astronauts for this specific reason; there are no gas stations in outer space.

Pull-up Underwear is designed for those who lead a more active lifestyle. They are ideal if you are still working, you engage in social activities, participate in routine exercise, or are involved in sports. They are designed for men and for women and some are unisex. They range in size from small to extra large and are worn as you would with regular underwear.

The materials are light and breathable and highly absorbent. They are made from soft, cloth-like materials and the interior offers you layers of absorbency and odor control. Also known as pull-up underwear, these products offer different levels of absorbency and protection from both urinary and fecal incontinence. If you find the need to wear a pull-up overnight or for extended trips, an absorbent pad can be placed inside to boost absorbency and save you from accidents and leaks.

There are options with the pull-up as they come in briefs for men, and there are feminine colors and patterns for women. These products are ever-evolving and they keep getting thinner while they offer more absorbency that lasts for hours. This enables you to go about your day with dry, healthy skin without embarrassing leaks and odor.

Whether you need disposable underwear that you can pull-up or adult tabbed diapers that are easy to put on and remove, there is such a wide variety of these products available today either in your local market or you have the option to be discreet and order them online.

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