TENA Day Plus Pads - 24 x 11 Inch Pad

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TENA Day Plus Pads

TENA Day Plus Pads will fit both men and women who are managing heavy bladder and or bowel incontinence. They have earned the rating of 4 1/2 stars out of 5, and are available at an affordable price in stores and over the Internet.

Expert Insights

'TENA Day Plus Pads are recommended for men and women who prefer a pad that will fit in their underwear or mesh pants heavy bladder and or bowel incontinence. This product is a good alternative to that of the Prevail Pant Liner- Large Plus Elastic.'

Features of the TENA Day Plus Pads

The TENA Day Plus Pads are designed to be worn by either men or women and will provide superior bladder and bowel incontinence protection. The DRY-FAST CORE of this heavy incontinence pad will quickly wick away liquid and trap it into the double pulp core where it is literally gelled by superabsorbent microbeads that will lock and hold it securely away. The fortified odor control technology ensures you will stay fresh and odor-free.

The nonwoven backing on this protective incontinence pad is quiet and discreet and will not make rustling sounds when you move. It has a wetness indicator strip for caregivers to alert them when it's time for a change. The contoured core of the pad will ensure ultimate leakage protection and comfort from the moment any wetness is introduced. You can enjoy the fearless protection you deserve to tackle whatever the day brings. This pad a will provide you all the protection you need to get you through day with dignity and confidence.

TENA personal care products have been available for over 50 years. They are available worldwide and manufactured by SCA, a company that was founded in the early 1920's. TENA is produced to help caregivers, healthcare facilities and people just like you to manage incontinence in a way that allows the freedom to live a more normal life.

Product SKUs: SCA-62618
More Information
Pad Style contoured
Protection 5 Drops
gender For Women and Men
UPC 10768702626184
Incontinence Type Urinary & Light Bowel
Style Pads
Favorites Favorites
Waterproof Back-sheet plastic
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