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Poise Liners - 7.5 Inch Pad

KIM-19305-LA208/case, 26/bag$49
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Poise Liners

Poise Liners-Regular Length are designed for women in need of very light bladder leakage (LBL) protection. They rate 5 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction and are sold at a great price on the Internet and at your local drug store, department store and grocery store for your shopping convenience.

Expert Insights

'Poise Liners are made to be worn by women who are in need of very light bladder protection, such as only a few drops.'

Features of the Poise Liners

This Poise Pantiliner in regular length offers very light protection for urinary incontinence. The pad stays three times drier than that of similar period pads and is thin, yet highly absorbent. A regular period liner is not capable of the same protection as they are designed for two entirely different purposes. The Poise pantiliner for LBL has the technology to keep you dry and odor-free. It is an excellent choice for pregnancy incontinence, for the occasional leak brought on by sneezing or laughing, or for days you feel you might need a little extra protection. There are many reasons for temporary incontinence to occur and it does not discriminate. Any age, any woman, any size, at any time can experience this whether it is brought on by surgery, medications, certain foods, pregnancy, pressure on the bladder, the reasons seem to be almost endless.

But when you do need light coverage for those times you think you many need it, this LBL liner is perfect. The outer fabric is soft and will move with you, providing a body-close seal that will keep leaks contained. The inner AbsorbLoc Core will trap liquid and hold it away from your skin, and you will stay dry and fresh. There are no fragrances, lotions, or latex in this product so your skin will not suffer unnecessary irritation. The pantiliners are individually wrapped for your convenience, and have a full adhesive strip that will securely fasten to the inside of your own underwear. They will provide exceptional protection while offering quiet, discreet coverage.

Poise is manufactured by Kimberly Clark. Kimberly Clark introduced the Poise incontinence line almost 25 years ago. K-C is a global company that produces numerous name brand products, and their line of incontinence products are designed to benefit the over 25 million people worldwide who are managing different levels of incontinence.

Product SKUs: KIM-19305
More Information
Pad Style regular
Protection 1 Drop
gender For Women
UPC 36000193053
Incontinence Type Urinary
Style Pads
Favorites Favorites
Waterproof Back-sheet plastic
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