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TENA For Men

TENA For Men,  Incontinence Product for  Men
Bladder Pad for Men
TENA For Men, Customer Favorite Product / Seller Recommended Product
Recommended Incontinence Pad

TENA For Men Size Chart

SCA-50600-LA120/case, 20/bag$62
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TENA For Men

TENA for Men is a pad that is designed to fit a man's body and to provide concentrated protection where it's needed most. This incontinence pad for men is a good choice for light to moderate incontinence. It has earned a 5 star out of 5 rating for customer satisfaction and is available at a great price for TENA male incontinence pads.

Expert Insights

'This TENA for Men moderate urinary incontinence pad provides an anatomically correct fit for men. It is designed to work best with your own briefs to provide the most effective fit. It is a good alternative to that of the Prevail Male Guard.'

Features of the TENA For Men

TENA for Men is an anatomically correct pad for male urinary incontinence. It has a Dry-Fast Core with superabsorbent microbeads that quickly move moisture away from your body to keep you fresh and dry. The soft, nonwoven backsheet is discreet and will not make unwanted sounds such as that of plastic-backed pads. The material is cloth-like and soft, and it's breathable so you can enjoy better air circulation to keep you cool. The full adhesive strip on this urinary incontinence pad for men will form a secure bond into your own underwear for a non-bulky and comfortable fit. This pad will perform at its best when it is worn with briefs instead of boxers for a more secure fit and more reliable protection.

Each pad is individually wrapped for your convenience so you can bring along a supply in your briefcase or backpack. This pad for men will keep you protected when a sudden sneezing attack might catch you off guard, or in the event of doing strenuous activities such as outdoor handy work or moving heavy objects. There is never any need for concern while wearing this TENA for Men bladder control pad. You can be assured of reliable coverage and protection from leaks and odors. The elastic leg cuffs in this pad help to further conform and fit you snugly to provide superior protection.

In 1929 Sweden, Ivar Kreuger founded SCA. SCA manufactures TENA products and is a global corporation. As of 2012, SCA employed around 37,000 people in over 100 countries. Their goal is to provide incontinence products to people wanting to remain active while leaving a minimal carbon footprint through sustainable practices at all their manufacturing locations.

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