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Prevail Body Curve - 14 Inch Pad

FQP-PBC-923-LA108/case, 27/bag$69
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Prevail Body Curve

Prevail Body Curve Bladder Control Pads are the latest addition to Prevail's outstanding line of incontinence products. This new bladder control pad is made for women managing light to moderate incontinence, and is now available at Prevail's great price.

Expert Insights

'Prevail Body Curve Bladder Control Pads are made for women experiencing light to moderate incontinence and are also a good choice for stress incontinence and urge incontinence protection. A great alternative to Poise Hourglass.'

Features of the Prevail Body Curve

The Prevail Body Curve Contoured Bladder Control Pad has all the same wonderful attributes that you have come to expect from their line of incontinence products and supplies. This new bladder control pad by Prevail is designed to comfortably and securely fit your own unique body curves, no matter what size or shape you are. The contour of this pad has soft protective gathers that conform to the curve of your body. This ensures that it will not bunch or lose its shape so you can enjoy routine activities and embark upon any adventure that comes your way without worry.

This Body Curve Bladder Control Pad contains all the unique properties that Prevail offers such as ultimate absorbency due to the Quick Wick with MaxSoft technology, first class acquisition speeds with a Target Acquisition Zone and the Blue Stay-Dry Strip. Liquid is quickly wicked away and trapped deep within the Odor Guard layers, keeping you fresh, dry, and odor-free.

The wide, full-length adhesive strip provides secure anchoring and fits into your own underwear. As with all Prevail products, this urinary incontinence pad does not contain latex. You can enjoy discreet protection while wearing your favorite outfits. The outer layer of this bladder control pad is soft, and made from cloth-like material and it offers skin wellness due to infused aloe, vitamin E, chamomile and soothing botanicals. It offers everything you could possibly want from a bladder control pad that you can trust.

First Quality is the number one leading manufacturer of incontinence products in the USA. They are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest technology that will allow you to enjoy a better quality of life. Their products are always evolving as they are dedicated to providing you the best possible incontinence product available.

A great alternative to Poise Hourglass

Product SKUs: FQP-PBC-923
More Information
Pad Style contoured
Protection 6/6
Gender For Women
UPC 10090891190017
Incontinence Type Urinary
Style Pads
Waterproof Back-sheet clothlike
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