Safety for Nighttime Bathroom Use

Managing bladder control during the day is one thing, but at night, it’s an entirely different subject. Getting in and out of bed during the night when you are still groggy from sleep raises the potential for accidents. Good planning can help to avoid falls or accidents from happening and it can be achieved by making a few minor changes to the bedroom. Something as small as sleeping on the side of the bed that faces the bathroom instead of going around the entire bed can save time and avoid falls. Place a good night light in the room and make a safe and clear path to provide easy access to the bathroom.

Once you get there, you want to make sure the bathroom is easily manageable and properly equipped with bathroom safety products and a fresh supply of pull-on underwear or your favorite discreet pad. Also, installing a proper toilet seat can help more than you know. If you or a loved one is using a walker or a wheelchair and in need of stability upon sitting or rising from the toilet, a Toilet Safety Support addition will give you added stability and something to hold onto when sitting or exiting the seat. This is especially beneficial if you have limited mobility, and it can even be used in the event of knee or hip surgery.

Also, be sure you do not have slippery throw rugs in the bathroom or along the path to it. Opt for rugs with a rubber backing that won’t slip and make you lose your footing. The bathroom is a very dangerous place to fall, and serious injuries can occur. A Hydro-Rug placed in the bathtub or shower will give you added security and will prevent falls. A grab bar or safety bar installed on the walls or bathtub can provide extra leverage when you need it and will provide safer maneuverability.

For women or for men who are bedridden, you can place a bedpan or urinal beside the bed at night for quick and easy access. Make sure you have dressed him or her in an easy-to-remove adult diaper that can be torn at the seams to remove or one that has re-sealable tabs. You can also place a bell or baby monitor next to the bed so the person you are caring for can alert you when they need help instead of trying to manage on his or her own. All in all, just a few simple changes and the proper bathroom safety equipment can work wonders in your life or that of a loved one.

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