How to Keep My Parent's House From Smelling

Keeping your parent's house smelling clean and fresh while they are managing incontinence begins with prevention. If you can prevent accidents from happening by placing furniture padding on his or her mattress before they become saturated, you are off to a good start. Once a mattress or sofa or chair has been saturated with urine, it is best to get rid of those items and start over because it would be nearly impossible to completely rid them of the smell at that point. 

Purchasing a waterproof, zip-up cover for the mattress or furniture cushions will prevent these items from becoming wet and stained. They can be found at most department stores and online. You can also purchase disposable furniture pads (chux) to place on top of the sheet between your parent and the sheet as an added layer of protection these work well for placing in wheelchairs, as well.

Be sure that your parent is wearing the correct size adult diaper or pull-on underwear. If the protective underwear is not the right size, then leaks and odor will occur. If you are not sure about which size pull-on incontinence product to purchase, learn how to measure your parent's waist so you know they are purchasing the right product. Also keep in mind that an adult diaper will work better in some situations than a pull-up disposable because the diaper has strong, re-sealable tabs on them. And look for products that have built-in odor control or say that they are scented as this will help to eliminate odor from the start.

When it comes to discarding soiled incontinence products, purchase a diaper pail and opt for biodegradable scented bags and place the soiled garment inside the pail. Have your parent use a cleansing foam between changes to keep his or her skin clean and healthy and odor-free. You can also use a natural spray of white vinegar and water to clean the waterproof zip-up cover on the bed or furniture and it will work on cleaning the toilet, sink, bathtub, and countertops. Spritz some on carpeting to help remove odors, as well. Commercial aerosol sprays are good at eliminating odors, but they contain chemicals that can trigger allergies or can cause upper respiratory problems, so opt for natural air fresheners if you can.

Check your parent for a urinary tract infection. Older people who are managing incontinence are more prone to urinary tract infections, and this can cause urine to have a very strong odor. If you notice your parent has a strong urine odor, have them checked for a urinary tract infection. Symptoms to look for are fever, confusion, lethargy, blood in the urine, and dizziness. Your parent should see a doctor immediately if you notice any of these symptoms. To keep a helpful watch on the situation, you can purchase in-home testing strips at local drug stores and department stores to check their urine on a routine basis.

By waterproofing bedding and furniture, purchasing the right size product, keeping their immediate surroundings clean as soon as an accident occurs, and storing soiled products in an odor-blocking diaper pail will all help to keep your parent and his or her home odor-free.

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