TENA Serenity Active Liners Regular - 8 Inch Pad

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TENA Serenity Active Liners Regular

TENA Serenity Active Liners Regular are made for women who are experiencing very light bladder incontinence of only a few drops. They rate 4 1/2 out of 5 stars and are available to you at a very affordable price.

Expert Insights

'This product is best suited for active women who have very light bladder leakage and it's also good to use for temporary incontinence during and after pregnancy.'

Features of the TENA Serenity Active Liners Regular

TENA Serenity Active Liners Regular are specially designed to wear with your own underwear when you feel you may need a little extra protection. The strong, adhesive strip will ensure the protective liner will remain securely in place. This light urinary incontinence pad is great for absorbing a few drops of liquid if you sneeze, cough, or laugh and it's good to use during exercise because it's pH balanced to prevent odor. It's also great to wear while managing temporary pregnancy incontinence during and after delivery for a little added protection. Each liner is individually wrapped for your convenience, and they are very thin, discreet, and comfortable.

The TENA Active Liners have a soft absorbent topsheet that ushers away moisture to keep you dry. It also has a Dry-Fast Core with superabsorbent microbeads that trap liquid inside and keeps it away from your skin. Soft side gathers along the outer edge of the incontinence liner will ensure it conforms to your body to provide the perfect fit. It will provide you with a secure fit and will fit you no matter what your size. You can be confident and odor free due to the advanced odor protection this protective pantiliner provides. TENA incontinence liners are made for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and will move with you while keeping you free from worry of leaks or embarrassing odor.

SCA is a global hygiene and forest products company that produces sustainable personal care, tissue, and forest products. They are the parent company of TENA and SCA was founded in 1929. TENA incontinence products have been available in the US for almost two decades; they have a world-wide presence. Many of TENA's incontinence products have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for outstanding performance.

Product SKUs: SCA-56300
More Information
Pad Style regular
Protection 1 Drop
gender For Women
UPC 10380040563008
Incontinence Type Urinary
Style Pads
Waterproof Back-sheet plastic
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