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February 28, 2018

Value Options- LiveAnew

Although shopping online at LiveAnew saves you money each time you place an order with us, there are a few value options available that can save you even more each month.  Attends Value Tier Poly Briefs are an excellent choice for both men and women who are managing bowel and urinary incontinence. All of our incontinence products are rated on a scale between one and six drops: “One” provides the lightest absorbency and “Six” provides the heaviest absorbency.


The Attends Value Tier Poly Briefs are rated at three drops. What this means is that this adult brief is rated by LiveAnew at three drops and will provide protection for up to three full bladder losses, as well as providing protection against leakage for bowel loss. Keep in mind that this rating is for the adult brief and it does not apply to pads, or pull-on underwear, as they are rated differently. (Please see chart for further explanation.)


The Attends Value Tier Poly Briefs are available in sizes medium (fits wait sizes between 32”-44”) and in X-Large (fits waist sizes between 58” and 63”). If you choose the size medium, you can order by the case which provides 96 briefs. By the bag provides 24 adult diapers. The X-Large provides 60 briefs per case and 20 briefs per bag. This adds up to tremendous savings for you or a loved one each month.


The Attends Value Tier Poly Briefs feature a soft, cottony inner liner that is cool and comfortable and have a soft, quiet exterior. Comfort-Flex tabs can be fastened anywhere on the disposable brief to provide the perfect fit. The triple-tier polymers absorb wetness and odor and immediately move them away from skin which contributes to better overall skin wellness.  Along with Attends, all of the Prevail products on our site are an excellent choice, as well.


Our reusable products are also good value options. The 4care Body Stockings are best described as an adult “onesie” and have snaps in the crotch area for easier changing. They are made from breathable cotton and provide protection from tapes sticking to clothing or bedding, prying fingers loosening the tapes, and hold the adult diaper, pad, or pull-on underwear in place for greater protection overnight, or while staying active during the day. Our vinyl-coated waterproof pant also helps to prevent tapes from sticking to bedding and clothing, and adds an extra layer of protection for long trips, as well as overnight protection, and for times when extended use may be necessary.


At LiveAnew, we always offer affordable incontinence products to our customers. You can also take advantage of our free Care-Free Calendar Reminder Service.  Just sign up for this no-obligation service and save 5% off all orders you place each month. Speaking of each month, we will give you a courtesy call or email you to remind you it’s time to re-order. If for any reason you are not happy with the Care-Free Reminder service, you can discontinue it at any time, and continue to shop as usual at LiveAnew. 

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