Four Ways to Make a Diaper More Absorbent

December 12, 2017

Four Ways to Make a Diaper More Absorbent

If you are dealing with incontinence you may feel overwhelmed. One of the first things that you should do is find the right incontinence product to meet your needs.

Because of the high absorbency and ease of wearing it many people choose to use adult diapers to manage their incontinence. Adult diapers are just one type of incontinence product. There is a wide variety of incontinence undergarments but for people who have limited mobility or who are experiencing moderate to severe incontinence an adult diaper can be the right choice. It is important to understand that there are incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women so you should choose the adult diaper that meets the incontinence needs of your gender. You can find a large selection of adult diapers on sites that offer adult incontinence products. For help and guidance in selecting incontinence products use LiveAnew BestFit .

If you are trying to manage your incontinence or that of someone in your care you may be trying to determine how to increase the absorbency of an adult diaper. While there are highly absorbent adult diapers many times they need to have their absorbency increased in order to provide better protection for the person wearing it. If your incontinence undergarment or adult diaper is not providing the right amount of protection you will find that you are having accidents and leakage. However, there are tips that help you make your adult diaper more absorbent. Here are 4 ways to make a diaper more absorbent-

  1. Make sure that you have the right adult diaper-Many times in their haste to purchase an incontinence product many people just choose the first adult diaper that they come across. This is a mistake. Each type of adult diaper will have a different absorbency, fit, and use. You need to take the time to make sure that your adult diaper has the absorbency that you are looking for, fits well, and is designed for the use that you need. 
  2. Use an incontinence pad-An easy to way to increase the absorbency of your adult diaper is to add an incontinence pad that is also sometimes referred to as a booster pad. Incontinence pads are made from the same type of material as the adult diaper. This means that they can soak up urine and keep it away from the skin. Many people often use an incontinence pad for extra protection inside their adult diaper and then change out the incontinence pad when needed. This can be both a logistical and cost saving management technique when you are dealing with incontinence. 
  3. Use a boost contour-This is an incontinence product that is designed to go the length and width of the adult diaper. It is most often made out of the same material as the adult diaper to provide the additional absorbency that the wearer is looking for. Tranquility adult diapers is the only line that presently makes these. 
  4. Double the adult diaper-This is especially effective if you are going on a long trip or need overnight protection. However, keep in mind that you will need to cut slits into the plastic of the first diaper so that it will allow drainage into the second adult diaper. You will need to purchase twice as many adult diapers if you plan on using this method of increasing absorbency on a regular basis.
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