Does Insurance Cover My Incontinence Products

January 4, 2018

Does Insurance Cover My Incontinence Products

Does Insurance Cover My Incontinence Products?

Many people of all walks and ages will encounter incontinence in their lifetime, whether it’s on a permanent or temporary basis. As the world’s population grows, so does the instance of incontinence. When you hear the word incontinence, you’re most likely to associate it with the elderly, but it’s something that can occur during pregnancy, after childbirth, surgery, as a result of cancer, or even a common cold can trigger it. If you find yourself managing or caring for a person with incontinence, having a good outlook and attitude toward it will help tremendously. Something else that also helps is technology.   


For Each Challenge, There Is Always a Solution

Thanks to innovative technology, incontinence products keep getting better all the time. Adult diapers, protective undergarments, pads, and pull-up underwear offer greater absorbency than ever before while also offering softer and thinner materials. Greater absorbency and odor control for urinary and fecal incontinence can be found in more incontinence products today than ever before. There are approximately 2.5 million adults in the United States managing incontinence. You would think that with this many adults in the U.S. there certainly must be financial help for those who need it to pay for incontinence products. Well the answer is both yes—and no.  

Will Private Insurance Plans Cover Incontinence Products?

The short answer is—very few. Some private insurance companies may cover incontinence products or other incontinence supplies, but most won’t, but it never hurts to ask. It’s best to contact your plan administrator or refer to your Insurance Manual for allowed benefits and coverage.


Medicare will not cover the costs of incontinence products, either. Since the majority of people who have incontinence are indeed elderly, you would assume Medicare would offer coverage for protective underwear and pads, but it doesn’t. This also applies to Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare replacement plans. But don’t give up hope.


Does Medicaid Provide Coverage for Incontinence Supplies?

Yes. But you will need to check with your State’s Medicaid plan to find out if Medicaid provides coverage for adult diapers or disposable underwear because it will vary from state-to-state as far as which products are covered, depending on which type incontinence you have, and the daily allowance you might receive. Some Medicaid state plans may provide coverage for 5 adult diapers, pads, pull-on underwear, or disposable pads each day; some may provide more or less.


Check with your state to see if Medicaid covers any portion of your incontinence products or you can fill out our online form at your convenience and our Customer Care Specialists can check for you. If your Medicaid insurance does provide coverage, LiveAnew will need documentation from your primary care physician stating that your supplies are needed out of medical necessity. Once we receive that information, we can begin delivering the adult diapers, pads, or protective underwear discreetly to your home each month.

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