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  TENA Serenity Active Liner Long


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44 Count
176 Count
356 Count

Very Light
4 1/2 out of 5

TENA Serenity Long Pantiliners are designed for women dealing with very light bladder incontinence. Women have rated this TENA incontinence product with 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. These Serenity Long Pantiliners are widely available at most stores and are a good buy for the price.

Expert Insights

"This pantiliner for light incontinence is best suited for women of any size who have very light bladder leakage and it's also good to use for temporary incontinence during and after pregnancy."


TENA Serenity Long Pantiliners will provide you with extra coverage in a longer incontinence liner that is designed to fit into your own underwear. They have a full length adhesive strip and will stay securely fastened to provide you with worry-free protection. Each liner is individually wrapped, and they are also pH balanced to promote skin wellness and to prevent odor. These liners have a soft, cottony outer fabric that is quiet and discreet, and they provide bladder incontinence protection for when you need absorbency for just a few drops. Sometimes you may experience uncontrollable leakage from strenuous exercise, moving furniture, or when you are dealing with a cold or flu that can cause spontaneous problems from sneezing and coughing. These are perfect times for this light incontinence pantiliner to provide protection you can trust.

The urinary incontinence pantiliner has a thin, soft absorbent topsheet that will quickly draw moisture away and trap it in the protective layers to keep you dry. Microbeads ensure the moisture is evenly dispersed into the inner layers keeping your skin dry and free from irritation. You can use this disposable pantiliner while walking, jogging, dancing, hiking, or any other activity you care to engage in and you are guaranteed freshness and freedom from leaks throughout the day and night. They are contoured to provide you a snug, secure fit and will fit anyone of any size.

TENA is a division of SCA, a global hygiene and forest products company. SCA has been a major manufacturer of paper and personal hygiene products for almost 100 years. They have a global presence and are proud to be a highly sustainable company with international environmental care and concern.

TENA Serenity Long Pantiliners are available in packs of 44. They will cost less when you purchase them by the case. A one case purchase is 4 packs of 44 for a total of 176, and two cases will provide you 8 packs of 44 for a total of 352.

  • TENA Serenity Long Pantiliners -Very Light Incontinence Protection
  • Pad length is 9"
  • Case Quantity is 4 bags of 44 (176 count)
  • Part Number: 64900